How to choose the right fireplace!

Gas or electric

A fireplace provides both ambiance and warmth. If you have a gas supply or are happy to install one you could opt to install a Vision Trimline gas appliance. The flames are realistic, and it is easy to control. Just push the button of your remote control, or use the app on your mobile phone or android device, and the flames start to dance through the logs.  When it gets too warm, you can just lower the flames. If you do not have a gas supply an alternative would be one of our exquisite electric Solus appliances that offer a realistic flame effect and versatility to allow it to be used with our without heat and for cooling in the warmest summer months.

Types of Appliances

Trimless Appliances

Our appliances provide the look and feel of a real fire.  Whether you are looking for a contemporary landscape model or would like something a little more traditional with a mantle, rest assured there is a solution for every situation.

Corner Appliances

If you are looking to make a real statement, a corner model may be the perfect choice. The highly efficient corner models allow you to view the beautiful flames from different angles and are available in either left-sided or right-sided options.

Panoramic Appliances

These stunning Panoramic models make an amazing centrepiece in any home. The three-sided windows allow an unrestricted view of the burning area from all sides of the room at with the touch of a button. Choose from different sizes, available in both natural gas, electric and LPG.

Room Divider or Tunnel Appliances

“Vibrant, artistic ambiences. The perfect solution for your house”: Who says an efficient solution cannot be stylish at the same time? A room divider fireplace allows you to partition a room in a stylish way, allowing you to enjoy the cosy comfort of your fire from different sides, or even from different rooms.

Tunnel fires are two sided appliances that allow you to enjoy the beautiful flames and warmth from two rooms at once. They are perfect for modern open plan homes and can be used to connect spaces, allowing you to see into adjoining rooms.

Available in Gas or LPG.

Freestanding fireplace

Freestanding appliances are compact, suitable for even the smallest of rooms. With their unique designs and various options is it the perfect appliance to suit a gathering with family and friends.

Heat output of your fireplace (Only for gas appliances)

You can use the thermostatic control function to easily control the appliance and warmth in your room, but there could be a risk that you select a Vision Trimline with either a too low or too high heat output.

The bigger the room, the more heat output is required. In a smaller room you must consider the minimum heat output. If the minimum is output is too high for the room, you may find yourself using the appliance only for a short amount of time.

Not only does the size of the room matter, but insulation is also an important factor. If your house is very well insulated, you won’t necessarily require an appliance with a high heat output. The warmth cannot go anywhere and will stay in the room due to the insulation. It is always advised that a heat loss calculation is completed prior to purchasing your chosen model.

The chart below shows you the required heat capacity:

  • A = a home with double glass, floor and wall insulated
  • B = a home with double glass and reasonably well insulated (house from ± 1974 – 1980 or renovated, older properties)
  • C = a home with poor insulation

Customise your fire (Vision Trimline)

After you have chosen the fuel type and type of model, you can check which customisation options you desire.

Fuel Beds

The way the flames dance in your new Vision Trimline appliance will depend on the layout of your fuel bed, getting this right will contribute to the ultimate warmth and comfort in your home.


There are many different interior styles, and once you decide on the ambience and style, your future appliance will radiate in abundance. Our interiors are designed in such a way as to match any décor.


The main advantage of a Vision gas or electric appliance is its ease of use.

Glass Types

Create that authentic feel with the help of our anti-reflective glass. Nothing stands between you and the flames besides a barely visible layer of glass that no longer acts as a mirror.

Wide trims

Looking for that industrial look? The 50mm trims will ensure you to make a statement. They not only give your fire a robust look, but they are easily built-in and add the finishing touch to your fire.

So, how to choose the right Vision Model ? 

  • Make a choice between gas or electric
  • Pick your favourite type, trimless, corner, tunnel, panoramic or freestanding
  • Check the required heat output which is needed for your room
  • Customise your appliance using different fuel beds, interiors and controls.

For more information and the start of creating your own dream fireplace click here