One of the most innovative aspects of all Vision Trimline fires is that there is no need for an existing chimney to be present. This is all down to the clever features of our balanced flue system.

Not only does this make for a highly efficient and safe, but when combined with our concentric flue components, our fires can be positioned in virtually any part of the home!



All Vision Trimline fires use a specialised double wall concentric flue system. The concentric flue system is an obligatory and integral part of the complete combustion system and must be used when installing the fire.

Our concentric flue is made of high quality 0.5mm thick stainless steel AISI 316 inner and AISI 304 outer-liner and is approved according to CE in combination with all Vision Trimline balanced flue gas fires.

A wide range of flue and chimney components are available to allow easy installation when terminating through the wall or the roof, in an existing chimney or a dedicated fabrication. Please consult your nearest dealer for more details.

Vision Trimline  – freedom of design with an Exodraft chimney fan

With the availability of both vertical and horizontal flue runs with multiple bends, the placement of your Vision Trimline fireplace is no longer limited by the location of your chimney. The exodraft RHGC chimney fan provides reliable chimney draught for closed natural gas and LPG Vision Trimline appliances connected to a concentric flue gas system with a maximum burner output <13 kW. For output exceeding 13 kW, please contact exodraft.>of 13KW.

Freedom Of Design

Vertical and horizontal flue runs with multiple bends. Max. flue length 60 metres and up to 15 bends.

  • Better Combustion Optimal draught to fireplace in all weather conditions. Optimal draught for both small and large fires.
  • Smaller Flue Diameter Inner/outer flue diameter reduced from 130/200 to 80/125 mm, making the flue easier to hide and saving you money.
  • Attractive Design RHGC fan has a compact form factor and a sleek, organic design.

The exodraft RHGC chimney fan is constructed from cast aluminium with a forward-curved centrifugal impeller made of galvanised steel. The chimney fan has a built-in fail-safe system consisting of a pressure differential switch (PDS) and two pressure sensors. The pressure switch ensures that the airflow is correct while the fireplace is in use.

Click here to download our Exodaft Fan Guide

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