Interior Options

Thanks to our many interior styles, any setting can be created with our interiors designed in such a way they will match any decor. Discover the options and transform your desires into a stunning designs. Which interior lights a fire in your heart?


Let the fire speak for itself. When it comes to our lamel interiors, it’s all in the details. Beauty in all its simplicity. Enjoy the fire.


This sleek, modern, eye-catching backdrop will add interest to your fireplace and room. The grooved linings create a magical interplay between flames and design. Sleek and modern, the kind of interior that will continue to captivate, year after year.

Glossy black glass

For that extra WOW factor, why not choose to upgrade to a black mirrored glass lining for your fire chamber and add a reflection to the fuel bed and flames to give a remarkable effect of added depth and detail.


Your fireplace should feel like a warm blanket enveloping your home. Snug, cosy and utterly comforting. If you want to embrace the beauty of Mother Nature and a sleek look for your fireplace, choose vermiculite.

Grey Brick

The riven finish of the tiles will bring a natural vibe to your appliance. The interior grey chamber will give your room the feeling of style, comfort and uniqueness.


Traditional brick fills your fireplace with romantic ambience, exuding authenticity. The different shades of brown in the brick add a playful, cheeky note. Stunning!

Flat steel

Experience double the effect! Our flat steel interiors have a slight reflective quality, reinforcing the play of the fire for double the enjoyment. Zero concessions have been made in terms of either technology or design.

Something A Little Different

Fuel Beds

Tourmaline Stools


Glass Types

LED Glowing Fuel Bed

Wide Trims

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