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Where can I view/purchase a Vision Trimline appliance?

The Vision Trimline range is available from experience, independent retailers. These retailers will be able to show you a selection of the models available locally in their showrooms. The retails will be able to advise you on the most appropriate appliance for your home and will be able to assist with the installation process and aftercare support and servicing.
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I don’t have a chimney; can I install a Vision Trimline appliance in my home?

One of the most innovative aspects of all Vision Trimline fires is that there is no need for an existing chimney to be present. This is all down to the clever features of our balanced flue system. We suggest that you contact your local Trimline dealer to discuss your requirements.

What is a balanced flue system?

Balanced flue fires are room-sealed with a glass window. They use natural convection to draw the air from outside the building for combustion and expel it back to the outside through a separate compartment of the flue.

They have a number of benefits over conventional fires in that they consume less gas making them highly efficient. There is less danger of fire hazards and injuries as they are not open at the front and finally they can be installed in virtually any part of the home due to the flue system. They can also be fitted to existing chimneys with the use of a retro flue kit.

Suitable for those homes without a chimney or flue, these glass fronted gas fires deliver super-efficient heat combined with low fuel consumption. Courtesy of a sophisticated flue that uses natural convection to draw air from outside the building for combustion, then expelling it back to the outside through a separate compartment of the flue, these fires are amongst the safest available.

I do not have mains gas in my home, can I still install a fire?

All our Vision Trimline appliances are available in Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) as an alternative if you don’t have Natural gas in your property.

Who should install my Vision Trimlime appliance?

All installations must be carried out in accordance with the requirements set out in the Building Regulation documents, in particular, Approved Document J. There are independent bodies which have been approved to carry out installations in accordance with these regulations.

Installations must be carried out by a Gas Safe engineer, (Board Gais in ROI), please confirm with your retailer that your new fireplace will be installed appropriately.

If you have your new fireplace fitted by a GAS SAFE REGISTER (Board Gais in ROI) fitter you will be given a certificate stating that your installation has been carried out in accordance with the Building Regulations. If you do not have one of these certificates then you will have to arrange for your local Building Control Officer to inspect your installation and approve it.

What is Gas Safe Register?

Gas Safe Register is the official register for gas safety. It is an official list of gas engineers who are registered to work safely and legally on boilers, cookers, fires and all other gas appliances. Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI as the gas registration body in Great Britain and Isle of Man on 1 April 2009 and Northern Ireland and Guernsey on 1 April 2010.  Any gas engineer working in Ireland must hold RGI Certification.

What servicing does my Vision Trimline appliance require?

The appliance must be serviced every year by a Gas safe engineer and the concentric flue system must be cleaned every 2 years.

Where can I buy spare parts, should the need arise?

Please contact the Percy Doughty sales team on 01204 868 550 for help and advice.

How long is the warranty on my Vision Trimline product and what does it cover?

We expect you to enjoy years of trouble free use from your appliance and offer a two year (Year 1 Statutory Parts & Labour, Year 2 Parts only from Percy Doughty) warranty to offer complete peace of mind and protection.

All parts and labour are covered during the warranty period subject to terms and conditions. Click here to view full terms and conditions.

To ensure that your appliance is protected we ask you to register your product within 30 days of installation, simply click here for details or alternatively you can complete and return the registration form at the back of your warranty booklet

Remote Control

To download operating instructions for the Ecomax remote control, please click here.

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