With an innovative, versatile design the compact TL70sl is easy to install and simple to service.  The TL70sl can be wall mounted and installed directly to any internal outside facing wall.  The latest addition to the Trimline range lends its self well to all modern new build constructions and existing construction archetypes. It’s installation versatility and choice of flue options makes this a sound choice to enhance any home.

One of the biggest advantages is that there is minimal building work required and with an output of 4.8kW and an impressive efficiency rating of B. The TL70sl will fit perfectly with virtually all interiors and is fitted with a minimalist decorative frame with sleek lines for that contemporary living statement.

When installed with our bespoke Integrated Heat Box it allows you to construct the installation from combustible materials making the fire a versatile choice in most modern building applications.  The use of the integrated heat box allows the fire to be installed in situations where combustible surfaces or materials would or may hinder the installation given the risk of heat and allows quicker access for service and maintenance. Please see your approved Gas Safe registered engineer for specific installation information.

The TL70sl utilises the same features as the other appliances within the range which includes a large glass fronted window with unrestricted views of the unrivalled realistic fuel bed and beautiful flames. The appliance has many features, can be remotely operated and to alleviate the need for batteries a mains Adaptor is supplied as standard. For safety the flue also comes with a terminal guard. For that extra WOW factor, there is also an option to upgrade to a black glass lining within the combustion chamber which offers a remarkable effect of added depth and detail.  Other available upgrades also include Wi-Fi, vermiculite interior lining and alternative frame options.


TL70SL with Integrated Heat Box

TL70SL Radley Suite

TL70SL Rico Suite

TL70SL Panacea Suite

TL70SL Hampton Suite

Go WiFi for maximum control

Flames at the touch of a button

Every Vision Trimline appliance comes with a remote control making it easy to turn your fire on and off. Do you want to use your smartphone or tablet? We’ve got you covered.

Thermostat mode
The room temperature gets measured and compared to the temperature you set

Manual mode
You control how intense the fire burns

Countdown timer
Prevent waste and automatically shut down your fireplace at the desired time

High Definition Logs

Standard Glass

Vision Trimline Fires are more than just a standard gas fireplace. They create the ultimate fireplace experience. There is a lot to it – every single detail has to be just right. Perfection down to the very last detail. High-quality standard glass is included with all appliances including inset, corner and panoramic.

Why not upgrade to Anti-reflective Glass?

Create that authentic ‘fireplace’ feel with the help of our anti-reflective glass. Nothing stands between you and the flames besides a barely visible layer of glass. Get ready for the ultimate experience. With a fire that radiates like never before with glass that no longer acts as a mirror.

Please note, not all appliances are available with anti-reflective glass. Please ask your local retailer for more information.

Standard Glass

The high-quality standard glass is included with all appliances including inset, corner and panoramic.

ARG Glass

Available across most of the Vision Trimline range, anti-reflective glass is a premium feature that cleverly gives the illusion that there is no glass between the fire and you, creating an even more authentic experience.