Fuel Bed Options

The way the flames dance in your new fireplace will depend in large part on the burner bed, apart from determining the movement of the flame, the burner bed also sets the tone for the rest of the fireplace. It is the foundation of your fireplace’s design. Are you one for sleek, clean looks, or do you prefer the romance of wooden logs? Anything’s possible!

If burning logs is not the look you are going for, then perhaps you would be more interested in an alternative fuel bed for your fire. The collection features a range of stunning options to choose from.





Double Burner Option

With the exception of the TL38, TL46 and TL60CF models, all other Vision Trimline fires are equipped with an innovative double burner system. This clever feature staggers the flame pattern in two rows and gives an extra sense of depth and realism whilst offering a more economical way to use your fire. At the touch of a button the front burner row remains active whilst the rear burner row diminishes, giving unparalleled visual effect with a reduction of 40% of the heat output. Used in combination with the Ecomax remote control can result in the benefit of reduced running costs of up to 60%.

LED Glowing Log Fuel Bed

Please note, this is only available on the TL83.

Something A Little Different

Tourmaline Stools



Glass Types

LED Glowing Fuel Bed

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