Trimline Tourmaline

Trimline Tourmaline

Gas Fire

The Tourmaline is not just a fireplace. The panoramic view of the flames, the burning logs and the LED fuel bed bring you into an atmospheric environment. The Tourmaline has beautifully rounded corners. In combination with its smooth lines, it turns out to be a beautiful model that is a joy to the eye. You have the option of leaving the bottom of the fireplace open for logs. But you can also add a unique and stylish statement.

The Gemstone series also includes the Trimline Zircon & Trimline Quartz.

Suggested Selling Price: £3779 inc VAT

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Burning Logs

Lamel Chamber

Ecomax remote control

Also available in

Trimline Zircon

The Zircon trimline is our smallest freestanding fire. Unique in its kind. Like small gemstones dazzling in its beauty.

Trimline Quartz

The Trimline Quartz is proof you do not need a large home to have a freestanding gas fireplace. This is a beautiful, very lavish freestanding eyecatcher, adding special ambience to any room.

Optional Extras

WiFi Option

Remote Control Wall Mount

Mains Adapter

Domotica Control

Black Glass Chamber



Anti-reflective Glass Option

LED Glowing Fuel Bed

Wall Switch

High Definition Logs

Standard Glass

Vision Trimline Fires are more than just a standard gas fireplace. They create the ultimate fireplace experience. There is a lot to it – every single detail has to be just right. Perfection down to the very last detail. High-quality standard glass is included with all appliances including inset, corner and panoramic.

Why not upgrade to Anti-reflective Glass?

Create that authentic ‘fireplace’ feel with the help of our anti-reflective glass. Nothing stands between you and the flames besides a barely visible layer of glass. Get ready for the ultimate experience. With a fire that radiates like never before with glass that no longer acts as a mirror.

Please note, not all appliances are available with anti-reflective glass. Please ask your local retailer for more information.

Standard Glass

The high-quality standard glass is included with all appliances including inset, corner and panoramic.

ARG Glass

Available across most of the Vision Trimline range, anti-reflective glass is a premium feature that cleverly gives the illusion that there is no glass between the fire and you, creating an even more authentic experience.

Go WiFi for maximum control

Flames at the touch of a button

Every Vision Trimline appliance comes with a remote control making it easy to turn your fire on and off. Do you want to use your smartphone or tablet? We’ve got you covered.

Thermostat mode
The room temperature gets measured and compared to the temperature you set

Manual mode
You control how intense the fire burns

Countdown timer
Prevent waste and automatically shut down your fireplace at the desired time

Seeing is believing...

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Technical specifications

Trimline Tourmaline

Natural Gas LPG
Heat input (kW) 6,8 6,5
Heat ouput max (kW) 5,3 5,2
Heat output min (kW) 3,7 3,8
Gas usage (m³/h)/(kg/h LPG) 0,7 0,3
Efficiency* % 79 80
Energy label* C C
Flue size (mm) 100/150 100/150
Weight (kg) 70 70


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