Did you know our appliances make it easy to save gas with the use of the ECOMAX function?

Generally, you would control the fire yourself simply switching it on whilst you don’t necessarily need the heat. By using the fires inbuilt Eco mode, you can reduce your gas consumption by 40%.

The ECOMAX remote control is equipped with a smart function that modulates the gas fire between high and low mode while continuously measuring the room temperature. By switching on the ECOMAX function, a modulating flame image will be created that determines the correct flame height as well as the needed heat capacity depending on the temperature in the room.

This results in a lively flame image, which contributes to the warm ambiance of your room, but at the same time allows you to save on your gas energy consumption.

The Ecomax function comes as standard on The ECOMAX remote which are supplied with our Trimline appliances.

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