Discover the unique installation possibilities of a Vision Trimline Appliance

Vision Trimline have different and unique installation possibilities. Our 63-73-100-120-140-170 Trimless and Tunnel models have a build-in depth of 320mm. The result of this is that you only need a minimal space to build-in. It takes less footprint in your room without compromising the design layout and allowing for a spacious living area, allowing you to brood sympathetically on the end result.

Besides this unique footprint, did you know that all Vision Trimline appliances come complete with ‘included extras’ to help make your purchase and installation as easy as possible. As standard, all fires come complete with:

  • Ecomax remote control – this sleek designed handset features thermostatic control countdown timer to automatically turnoff the fire, and an Ecomax button, allowing random high-low adjustment of the flames to regulate room temperature resulting in 40% energy saving
  • Adjustable legs – allowing you to easily install the fire at your desired height without the need for further, unnecessary building work
  • Control access door – a neat, gloss finish, access system to allow access to the manual fire controls
  • Convection vents – two of these are supplied with each fire to allow convected hot air from the chimney into your room

Trimline 63H Trimless

The Trimline 63H Front is very versatile when it comes to build-in possibilities. Because of its tapered design it can be placed against an 80cm wall with 45°angle.

Trimline 2050 On The Corner

This is not just the regular corner fireplace this appliance has a unique build-in possibility and looks incredible in L-shaped rooms, creating a 270° viewing angle on the wonderful flames.

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