New to the E-Line range is a choice of specially designed suites. The Aston, Hanchurch and Elford are a range of elegant freestanding flat walled suites with a timeless appeal ensuring a modern look regardless of changing trends. The flawlessly constructed suites are made from high quality material and require minimal assembly.


Available with the VEL90


Available with the VEL90


Available with the VEL90


Ultra high definition Log Set

Fully ERP Compliant

Infrared remote control operated

Thermostatic control

& timer operation function

Easy to install

Wall mountable

Supplied with brackets

LED Flame Effect

& Modulating LED under & above fuel bed

Decorative fuel retaining bar

Ultra Realistic High Definition Logs

Standard Glass

Vision E-Line Fires are more than just a standard electric fireplace. They create the ultimate fireplace experience. There is a lot to it – every single detail has to be just right. Perfection down to the very last detail. High-quality standard glass is included with all appliances excluding the VEL40.

Why not upgrade to True View Anti-reflective Glass?

Create that authentic ‘fireplace’ feel with the help of our True View Anti-reflective Glass. Nothing stands between you and the flames besides a barely visible layer of glass. Get ready for the ultimate experience. With a fire that radiates like never before with glass that no longer acts as a mirror.

Please note, True View Anti-reflective Glass is available as an optional extra on all appliances excluding the VEL40. Please ask your local retailer for more information.

Standard Glass

The high-quality standard glass is included with all appliances excluding the VEL40.

Standard Glass True View ARG Glass
True View Anti-reflective Glass

True View Anti-reflective Glass is a premium feature that cleverly gives the illusion that there is no glass between the fire and you, creating an even more authentic experience.